The Devil Conspiracy (2023) Movie Review – The Hound Of Heaven Against Lucifer

The Devil Conspiracy (2023) Movie Review - The Hound Of Heaven Against Lucifer

The Devil conspiracy” Consider the opening sequence, which recounts the Biblical battle between the Archangel Michael (Peter Mensah) and the rebellious Lucifer.

The Movie Opens with Micheal Arriving in Hell to Finish Lucifer and Chain him for eternity where he will suffer and burn with his demons.

Fast forward, the Shroud of Turin—that fabled length of linen that supposedly served as the burial shroud for Jesus and which allegedly bears his negative image—has been put on display and is attracting thousands of visitors a day. One of these visitors is disbelieving American art scholar Laura Milton (Alice Orr-Ewing), who has been let in by a friend, Father Marconi (Joe Doyle), to study an accompanying statue chronicling Michael’s defeat of Lucifer. Still there after hours, Laura witnesses a group led by the malevolent Liz (Eveline Hall) steal the Shroud and murder Father Marconi before stealing off into the night.

It turns out that Liz is the leader of a Satanic cult determined to free Lucifer from his chains, reincarnate him in the body of an unborn child, and allow him and his fellow demons to rule Earth. Alas, their efforts have been stymied because mortal bodies simply cannot hold up to the strain of Lucifer’s power and rage—only the infant Christ could possibly survive under those circumstances. It also turns out that Liz has a biological ace up her sleeve—Dr. Laurent (Brian Caspe), her evil geneticist partner, has devised a way of extracting the DNA of long-dead people to make clones. They then use the DNA from the Shroud to devise a fertilized egg that’s implanted in Liz so that she can give birth to the end of civilization. (They evidently finance their more overtly evil endeavors by holding secret auctions of the cloned likes of Vivaldi and Michelangelo, the latter with an opening bid of ten million Euros.) Sounds foolproof, I know. But what they didn’t count on was that, as the result of his dying prayer, the late Father Marconi had his body taken over by Michael, who goes off in pursuit of a rematch with his former foe.

And then Micheal Takes Father Marconi’s Body to fight Lucifer and stop his coming into the world. but all to no avail as the child lucifer was born and dwelt among the people of God.

The Only Fact I don’t find funny is the fact, Micheal while in hell to defeat satan/Lucifer couldn’t without holding his sword. is he limited without his sword or can he perform when he is without it? So many Questions to answer.

In general, The Devil Conspiracy is not worth the hype as I expected more than just